«Мы точно знаем, что необходимо нашим проектам для создания инновационных и патентно-защищенных эффективных и безопасных лекарственных средств, востребованных фармацевтическими компаниями про'We know precisely, what is needed for our projects to yield innovations-based, patent-protected, efficient and safe pharmaceuticals that would be in demand for manufacturing pharmaceutical companies.'изводителями»

Vision and strategy

Within the next 10 years, we plan to pass to manufacturing pharmaceutical companies at least 10 innovations-based pharmaceuticals. To achieve this, we will be thoroughly choosing promising projects, attracting specialists with high level of qualification, and utilizing the network of partner organizations capable of both performing the necessary range of works related to projects and confirming efficiency and safety of pharmaceuticals, doing so quickly and with high level of quality.
We cooperate with academic scientific groups and service companies in the spheres of chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, biotechnology, pharmaceutics and medicine.
The experience that our company possesses in project management allows to fill those gaps which are usually inherent to projects implemented by scientific work-groups (for example, creation of business models, strategies for patent protection, strategies for widening the range of indications for application of preparations, evaluation of risks, search and attraction of industrial partners).
The company possesses a platform for transfer of technologies for manufacturing of pharmaceuticals being developed within the framework of projects, such transfer being effected to manufacturing pharmaceutical companies under license agreements or other types of agreements.

Company values

We are clearly focused on creation of such pharmaceuticals that are based on innovations and are necessary for patients. The company ensures an all-round study of its future pharmaceuticals. It is important for us that patients and pharmaceutical companies should receive such preparations that are in fact efficient and safe (and not some useless stuff with made-up properties), and, at the same time, that all participants of our projects should receive fair remuneration not only in the form of monetary profits, but also in the form of scientific knowledge, experience and skills.